Static Web Design

For businesses looking for a static website, one that has minimal changes over time, PB Web Design Warrington offers a wide selection of web design packages to meet all business needs.

Content Management System

If you are looking for a highly interactive, dynamic and changing website, then PB Web Design Warrington would recommend that you use a Content Management System for your website. You will be able to make any changes yourself through your own admin page allowing you to update, edit and delete your own content.

Web Design Warrington


Perhaps you already own a shop and you’re looking to take it online, or maybe you have a brand new product that you want to sell solely online, PB Web Design Warrington can help.

Blog Web Design

If you are looking for a website to act as a social medium with customers, friends or business partners then a blog will be exactly what you need. A Blog allows you to create posts, categories, connect with all social networks such as facebook and twitter etc. Users can post comments and communicate with eachother through your blog.

Forum Web Design

Having a medium to high traffic forum on a website will increase the value of it as members of forums are very knowledgeable about the topic at hand and they’ll usually try to show this in their posts thus creating lots of information and tips which visitors to your site can use.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation or SEO is a very important way of directing lots of traffic to your website. Here at PB Web Design Warrington we include basic SEO in all our websites. This includes submitting to all major search engines, keyword and meta tags, well structured website and much more.

Social Media

Social Media is a fairly new addition to the world of SEO and internet marketing, however it is growing at an alarming rate; in the last nine months alone Facebook gained 100 million new users with 300 million users altogether. We will offer advise on how the use of social media can help your business. We can setup this for you and intergreate the likes of facebook and twitter into your website.