Six Web Design Tips For SEO Companies In Warrington

A professionally designed website is vital if you want to make a good first impression on your target audience. Furthermore, your website design is also important for effective SEO campaigns. So, here are six web design tips for SEO companies in Warrington.

SEO Company Warrington1. Carefully Consider Your SEO Site’s Colour Scheme

You want to ensure that your site’s content is as easy as possible for visitors to read. If visitors have to strain their eyes to read posts, they are likely to stop reading very quickly if they even begin to try in the first place. So, make sure the background colour contrasts with the text. For example, don’t use lime green text with a light blue background.

2. Declutter Your Website

Speeding up your website’s load time can improve its bounce rate, which is an important SERP ranking factor. Most people will not wait more than around three seconds for a webpage to load before they click the back button. By decluttering your website, you can reduce page loading time and avoid losing valuable visitors to your competitors.

Ways To Speed Up Page Load Time

    • Remove any plugins that are no longer used. Every time a Warrington visitor arrives at your website, all of the plugins have to be loaded. Too many plugins can significantly increase site load time. So, remove or deactivate all of the plugins that are not absolutely necessary.
    • Truncate image files. Optimising image sizes is one of the quickest ways to speed up a website as raw image files tend to require a lot of bandwidth. It is possible to dramatically reduce image sizes without impacting their quality to the naked eye.
    • Minify site code. Removing all unnecessary characters from a site’s code can improve page load times considerably. It doesn’t matter if your site is using HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS or other coding languages; they can all be “minified”.
    • Make sure you are using a top-rated web host. After decluttering your website, if it still takes a long time to load, it could be that your web hosting provider is restricting your site’s bandwidth. Investing in a quality web host is essential.

3. Add Social Share Buttons

A key web design tip for 2019 is to ensure that it is easy for visitors to share your website’s content on social media platforms. Every blog post should have feature buttons to allow readers to quickly share posts with their following on social media without leaving your website.

4. Use Sans Serif Fonts

Sans serif fonts, like Arial and Helvetica, are said to be easier to read than many other fonts, so they are a good choice for modern website designs. It’s also a good idea not to use more than three different typefaces on your entire SEO website.

Warrington Town Centre5. Add an FAQ Page

A FAQ page can be a quick way to optimise your website for voice searches and Google snippets. Keep the page regularly updated with questions about your brand as they arise. Such a page can also make your site more informative for first-time visitors from Warrington.

6. Make Sure You Have a Contact Us Page

Too many businesses make the mistake of trying to fit all of their content information, such email address, phone number, address and opening times, in the footer. It’s good to include key information in the footer, but always add a more detailed contact us page to your website with all your Warrington SEO business information and a contact form.

There six tips presented above are just a very small selection of some of the things you need to aware of when it comes to effective website design. Check out more tips online.